Pitch & Putt

Are you looking for a fun activity to do with family, friends or colleagues? Then Pitch & Putt Golf is really something for you. Less than 1.5 km from our hotel you will find Pitch & Putt golf Molenhoek. This golf course is located in the wooded area south of Nijmegen. Rugged plains, heath and woodlands alternate, making the rolling landscape very varied. This is where the Pitch & Putt golf course and footgolf course come into their own!

Pitch & Putt Molenhoek

Pitch & Putt is a form of golf played on a smaller course with shorter holes. Pitch & Putt Golf is golf for everyone. This makes Pitch & Putt Golf unique, because even without golf experience, you may play golf there. The golf course consists of a small 18-hole course and is a challenge for every skill level. From the tee-off to the flag, the length of the holes varies between 30 and 90 meters. Because of these "small" distances, the game is suitable for anyone aged 8 and up.

As a company outing or family day

Looking for a fun activity for colleagues, family or friends? Why not play Pitch & Putt Golf together? It's sporty, relaxing and fun, all at an affordable price. To make the experience complete, there are several packages available at Pitch & Putt Golf Molenhoek. Go to the website for more information.

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Combine with an overnight stay and/or dinner in Nijmegen

After your activity, enjoy a delicious dinner in our restaurant. At Van der Valk Hotel de Molenhoek - Nijmegen, located 1.5 km from the Pitch & Putt Golf Course, we offer a wide menu of different fish, meat, and veg dishes. Complete your day with a delicious overnight stay at our hotel and enjoy our extensive breakfast buffet in the morning.