Shopping in Nijmegen

For the real shopping enthusiasts, Nijmegen is a must-visit! Did you know that Nijmegen has been in the top three when it comes to diversity of stores in the Netherlands for years? Highly recommended! Nijmegen has more than 400 stores. Enough choice in this beautiful city!

In the historic center you will find a varied mix of clothing stores, boutiques, interior design stores, gift shops and delicatessens. The Broerstraat, Ziekerstraat, Marikenstraat and Plein 1944 are mostly home to the big chain stores.

The oldest shopping street in the Netherlands

Fancy something new? Go shopping in the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands, the Lange Hezelstraat. Here are beautiful historic buildings where you will find stores with a high level of browsing. Need to take a break? Nijmegen also has the highest density of terraces in the Netherlands, so here you are sure to find a lovely place for a bite to eat and a drink.

Sustainable hotspots in Nijmegen

Nijmegen is also one of the most sustainable cities in Europe and you can see this in many places in the city. People who like sustainable products and like to eat veg(n) and healthy food will be able to enjoy themselves to the full. View a list of green hotspots in the Rijk van NIjmegen here.

Combine with an overnight stay in Nijmegen

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