About 10 km from Van der Valk Hotel de Molenhoek - Nijmegen is De Bastei, the museum for nature and cultural history. De Bastei brings the story of the Waal to life with exhibitions, educational activities and various tourist packages. Step into the museum and take a journey through the history, present and future of this river. Here, along the banks of the Waal River and in the oldest city in the Netherlands, immerse yourself in the past while discovering the unique plants and animals of the Gelderland river area. It is a fascinating and educational experience for both adults and children who love to explore. Experience for yourself how this river connects the city and nature!

Group outing in Nijmegen

At De Bastei is a special location for an enjoyable group outing. There are lots of possibilities here where you can get a guided tour through the Stadswaard or the Rivierpark and visit the Bastei. De Bastei is also a very nice option for a school trip! Book a field lesson or group visit to the museum with your class. Especially for elementary school it is very fun and useful in lessons about nature, environment, science and technology.

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