Liberty Museum

Are you looking for an impressive, educational and cultural activity? A visit to the Freedom Museum is a must-visit for everyone! Less than a 10-minute drive from Van der Valk Hotel de Molenhoek - Nijmegen, in the beautiful green and hilly landscape of Groesbeek, is the Freedom Museum.

The museum is close to Germany and sits in an area where there were important battles during World War II, such as Market Garden and Veritable. Many people, young and old, come here, from inside and outside the Netherlands. In the museum you will learn the interesting story about War and Freedom in the Netherlands, Germany, Europe and other places. There is not just one story about the war. They show World War II from different sides, along with what happened in the 20th century and now. They want people to think about freedom then and now, with things to see, do and important museum pieces. The building itself, the 12-meter-high Dome, is also cool to see. It looks like an enormous parachute. From the terrace you can easily see the landscape of the past.

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